At Liberty Consulting and Management, we strive for greatness in everything we do. True excellence requires that each person has the opportunity work and learn in an environment of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Diversity and Inclusion are core values in our company. We embrace the differences because we realize that gives people space and encouragement to bring their authentic selves to work.

Let’s UNITE: Understanding our Neighbors through Inclusivity, Transparency, and Engagement.

  • Understanding


    is key to creating a secure work environment where employees are empowered as individuals, pushed to achieve their full potential, and trusted to make decisions in the company’s best interest.

  • Neighbours


    of various races, gender, sexual orientation, and religion unite in our team. This enables us to have more flexibility in adapting to dynamic markets with adequate planning, development, and execution methods.

  • Inclusivity


    expands our invention. Diverse teams view information from different perspectives to drive better decision-making. They have higher levels of creativity and innovation.

  • Transparency


    in our work environment is what allows us to build an inclusive culture. It encourages people to be transparent about who they are. Ultimately everyone, no matter what their sex, orientation or race enjoys a sense of belonging.

  • Engagement


    within our community and between ourselves enables us to educate ourselves and impact people around us. It helps us in our quest to stay open to innovations and concepts from different sources and allows the best ones to flourish.