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While digital marketing might seem like a great idea, marketing is inarguably the best way to connect a client’s products to the target customers. Each one-on-one exchange lets our team see peoples’ reactions and respond in real time. Our strategy has been proven to be up to 12 times more effective at achieving desired results than online marketing and on-shelf positioning.

As a Business Development Firm in New York, we firmly believe marketing is the best approach to building brand recognition in a market. You personalize the experience, can control the narrative, track it, and, if done right, expand the footprint capacity and reach a broad audience. With us consulting and managing campaigns, we help our clients grow their brand awareness and increase profits. That’s the basis of Liberty Consulting and Management.

Whether it’s a start-up striving to get market-ready, a mid-sized firm looking to grow, or an established company focused on creating a strategy to upscale and expand, you can lean on our expertise. Our approach and live marketing model provide real-time brand recognition, fast sales, and immediate return on profits by identifying high-intent buyers in current need and cross-sell and up-sell services. We’re able to convert positive relations into conversions. Brands who seek an influential outreach approach choose to work with a Business Development Firm in New York because they know our face-to-face solutions work for customer acquisitions, customer service, customer retention, and brand awareness.