How Liberty Consulting and Management Motivates Sales and Marketing Candidates

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How Liberty Consulting and Management Motivates Sales and Marketing Candidates

At Liberty Consulting and Management, we are a marketing consulting firm focusing on people development. We develop, train, and mentor hundreds of ambitious go-getters to achieve their goals.

These individuals have unique personalities, which we enhance as our business relies ninety-nine percent on mentality and just one percent on skill.

However, it’s easy for people to get affected frequently throughout the day, especially if outside influences continuously play on their minds. We teach them how to manage or compartmentalize external issues to improve productivity when they arrive at the workplace. What to find out how? Please keep reading to learn about how we motivate sales and marketing candidates.

The Challenge: Many candidates are inconsistent 

Many candidates showing promising potential are often inconsistent due to not having the ability to focus. These individuals practice good routines for a short time and then regress after a while. 

Not having the confidence to ask for help or speak things through are also some downfalls that we address.

The Solution: Teach good habits

Our business teaches good habits, including understanding and following different steps of successful habits, which we took from successful people who have already practiced them.

The first step says to have a good attitude, and step six reminds us to always maintain that attitude. Easier said than done?

Since emotions are fleeting, we train candidates to not react immediately and wait until they are calm and can think more clearly. It helps them to come up with logical solutions and be more efficient.

To accomplish this state of mind it’s essential to take a five-minute break to reboot while doing relaxing breathing exercises. It helps calm nerves and releases feel-good endorphins that naturally get created by the body.

Here are a few other simple things you can do to help maintain your attitude:

  • Call someone that makes you laugh
  • Use positive self-affirmations 
  • Listen to calming music
  • Watch a funny video
  • Go for a walk 

The Bottom Line

It’s commonly known that practicing anything takes twenty-one days to become instilled and ingrained for the long term.

Therefore, we get individuals to practice good habits and routines for the recommended twenty-one days to improve consistently over time.

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