Things To Know Before Starting A Career In Sales And Marketing

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Things To Know Before Starting A Career In Sales And Marketing

Most people don’t know what a sales and marketing job is like as you don’t learn much about it in school. Attempting to start a career in a field you have little to no experience in can be quite daunting. However, anyone can learn the skills they need to be successful in sales, provided you start with the right foundation.

Before you commit to a certain career path or industry, make sure the positions and focus are compatible with your goals and preferences. As experts in the field, we at Liberty Management and Consulting have written down things to do/know before starting or choosing a career in sales and people development. 

Sales and marketing is one of the best ways to make money and grow without ‘paying your dues’ and climbing the corporate ladder for years or even decades. It is a fast-growth industry with a lot of opportunities and a fun and fulfilling environment that leads to passive income earning potential freedom.

Its fast pace environment with results leads to quick promotions. Its uncapped upward mobility allows the individual to have control over their growth and move up the ladder as much as they prefer. You’ll have to leave your comfort zone and push yourself, and you’ll experience massive personal growth because of it. One thing you really need to excel in this field is a great student mentality.

Additionally, a BA in entrepreneurship, communication, business, social sciences, marketing, relations, economics, arts, administration, etc., is preferable but not required. This industry requires a lot of time and commitment if you really want to make it out there.

Good communication skills, willingness to learn and grow, ability to adapt quickly, willingness to help others, being a fast learner, having discipline, incorporating positive thinking and attitude, indulging in active listening, and having an entrepreneurial spirit and a marketable persona are all qualities that can definitely help you throughout your climb towards a managerial position.

Having soft skills like emotional intelligence, emotional control, self-awareness, flexibility, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, self-motivation, etc., also helps you climb up the corporate ladder faster. 

A career in sales and marketing helps better your communication with people on a daily basis, especially with those you are leading. Sales and marketing are very transferable and valuable skills, so you can change industries or companies relatively easily. You’ll develop a lot as a person by learning control over your growth and working with positive and motivated people in a team-focused environment.

This industry gives you stability, longevity, uncapped earning potential, and continuous development. The entry-level pay in this industry is around $45k - $52k. There is always room for growth and an increased pay scale with additional responsibilities and hard work, but it requires continuous training. With each promotion comes more training in the new responsibilities. 

If you are looking for a marketing firm in New York, reach out to us at Liberty Management and Consulting. We believe in evaluating the different demands of the clients’ business objectives in order to customize our approach to their specific goals. We derive great satisfaction from working with an assortment of different types of brands across different industries and sharing a relationship that is based on mutual respect.

Our exceptional team of talented individuals carves their paths to success with the help of experts in the industry. Our inclusive workspace makes it fun to explore opportunities to learn, grow, and acquire and utilize skills to achieve the desired goals.

Once hired, our managers train you from the ground up in leadership development and product management. At this stage, you will acquire skills that build teamwork and lay the foundation for relationships with your colleagues.

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