Top Five Reasons to Work at Liberty Consulting and Management

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Top Five Reasons to Work at Liberty Consulting and Management

Picking the right marketing agency can be terrifying. Ideally, you want to build a solid connection, build together, and do the best work possible. But if you’re not on the same page as your marketing team, it won’t be the best fit—no matter how many excellent awards that agency has won.

So how do you get the right agency? Luckily, we’re here to assist. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the worst of the business, so we know what to look for and what to walk away from—when you’re on the quest. Whether you’re looking for a small campaign or a partner to help you build your campaign plan from scratch, you can follow these tips to narrow your choices down. 

1. Great attitude and positive energy
If you’re doing a small, rushed project, you’ll likely get away with a few calls throughout the process. But complicated campaigns are an investment of time, money, and energy. They need a lot of back and forth and, sometimes, there are a few obstacles in the road. You want someone you feel comfortable working jointly with, especially under stress. Choose a firm that embraces positivity, humility, curiosity, ego-less attitude, and patience. As such, a team of people will help you set your brand apart from day one. Remember to follow gut instincts. Be comfortable. 

2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Great work comes from excellent communication. The ideal agency will check in with you, talk through obstacles, and touch base frequently to avoid misusing your budget and finishing your timeline. Whether it’s double-checking deadlines or presenting visual references, they’ll do everything they can to ensure the conversation is at the end of the project. They will have the ability to read and relate to people. You’ll know their communication and interpersonal skills from that initial meeting. See whether they’re processing the information to answer your inquiries or just saying what they think you want to hear. 

3. Should be responsive
If the prospective marketing agency is avoiding questions or not responding to emails, it will only worsen. They should be responsive and explain what you’re going to get, how you will get it, and how they will make sure you do. From brainstorming to strategy to promotion, you should feel informed and positive every step of the way. Get on an online team call to casually talk with the team members for better collaboration between your team and the agency. The right marketing agency will also create minutes of the meeting and share them to track the growth of the work.

4. Personable and proactive
Lots of experience sometimes comes with lots of egos. Ego sometimes breeds arrogance. Someone with talent who works hard will help you a lot. The marketing team needs to have a can-do attitude to resolving any task without hesitating and the desire to research new platforms or processes with interest. It’s also essential to look for a personable company. Serving relevant, personalized interaction will help you create a deeper connection between your brands and the customer. so marketers should be aware that building personalized communication will help position the company as the only logical choice.

5. Quick on their feet
A company’s leadership style defines everyday practices and processes related to marketing. If you’re choosing a marketing company, you’re getting into their leadership’s ways of thinking and doing. Like knowing if they use advanced methods, understand how well the agency follows where marketing is headed. You want their work updated, not just adhering to a static plan and correcting issues as they come up. A good marketing agency will also be excited about what they do and is always looking for innovative ways to optimize their work. Look for obvious signs of thought leadership and innovation. 

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